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AED Armor 3D Wall Sign for Outdoor Use

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AED Armor 3D Wall Sign for Outdoor Use


excl vat (£30.00 inc vat)

What’s Included?

  • 3D AED Armor Outdoor Wall Sign

Product Details

Designed exclusively for outdoor use, this 3D wall sign will help to provide maximum visibility for your defibrillator at all angles and ensure that it can be easily found in a sudden cardiac arrest emergency.

Dimensions: H 20cm, W 16cm, Depth 13cm (from the wall out).

Why Should I Highlight My AED?

Every minute counts when someone falls victim to a sudden cardiac arrest. For every minute that passes, a victim’s chance of survival decreases by 10%, so being able to locate and use a defibrillator is vital. Therefore, this 3D wall sign will guarantee that a life-saving AED does not go unnoticed and there are no delays in retrieving the device.

More Information

Do you have a question regarding this product, or any of the other products from the AED Armor range? We invite you to call our helpful advisors on 0845 071 0830.

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