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AED Armor ‘Defibrillator This Way’ Floor Sticker

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AED Armor ‘Defibrillator This Way’ Floor Sticker

What’s Included?

  • AED Armor ‘Defibrillator This Way’ Floor Sticker

Product Details

Locating a defibrillator during an emergency and swiftly delivering treatment increases the victim’s chance of survival significantly. AED Armor’s ‘Defibrillator This Way’ Floor Sticker guides responders to the device’s location.

Key Features

Floor stickers guide bystanders to the device’s location so it can be retrieved and used, during a cardiac emergency.
For indoor use only

How to use

Simple and adhesive Floor Sickers to highlight the presence of a defibrillator.

Locating the defibrillator quickly removes any potential delays that may occur between the victim collapsing and them receiving treatment, thus providing a higher chance of survival.

More Information

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