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AED Armor Silhouette Rescue Poster for AED Armor Wall Bracket

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AED Armor Silhouette Rescue Poster

What’s Included?

  • AED Armor Silhouette Rescue Poster

Product Details

Creating awareness about your defibrillator’s location allows for quick retrieval in the event of an emergency and swift treatment delivery. AED Armor’s Silhouette Poster ensures bystanders are aware of where to locate your life-saving device

Key Features

Rescue steps to take

Highlights the location of a life-saving defibrillator
For indoor use only

How to use

AED Armor’s Silhouette Poster, paired with AED Armor’s Metal Wall Bracket, helps to create awareness about the location of your life-saving device so bystanders know where to collect the device from during an emergency. Additionally, the poster displays where electrode pads need to be placed on a patient, thus providing both trained and untrained responders with assistance during treatment delivery.

More Information

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